A full range of services is offered by Eardington Wholesale Meats. Butchery, boning, delivery and service are part of the team’s daily work.

The company supplies all aspects of the trade, from small butcher’s shops to large-scale operations and from processing plants like sausage and pork pie companies to other areas of the retail sector.

It can meet all requirements, from bone-in to boneless, with a full range of products. From the finest steaks to offal; it provides deals in whole carcass butchery and supplies what the customer requires.

The company is happy to forge new contacts with suppliers and speaks to farmers and others in the trade who need to find a market for their products. It deals with local abattoirs, giving customers a fully-traceable, farm-to-fork service through its meticulous audit trail.

"Over 20 years of good service of supplying us with high quality meat & poultry to meet the high standard which i require at all times."

Mark Harris Butchers